Minggu, 17 April 2016

Do you care what women think? Time to stop

Hey, here and I want to tell you about the single greatest problem men have when it comes to getting women to want and desire them. It’s not something you want to hear. 

Here it is - you care about what she thinks. 

Seriously, this is the biggest desire killer out there. 

If you put a girl up on a pedestal and spend your time trying to gain her approval, then you're doing the exact opposite of what you should be doing. 

Instead, you need to put YOURSELF on a pedestal and instead of trying to gain her approval, you need make HER work for YOUR approval. 

To find out why this is true, click the link below to watch an instructional video on the biological reasons seeking a woman's approval is a desire killer. This is going to change your dating game forever. 

This one trick creates instant female desire

What's up here - did you know there is one simple body language trick you can do that will make women desire you instantly?

You see, most guys, when they meet a girl (either casually or for a date) will do the same thing. They'll face the girl head-on with their body - full frontal - giving her their undivided attention. 
They might even bend down a little to listen to her or lean in. 

So, what's the problem with that? It demonstrates, on a subconscious level, that you are subservient to her and too eager to please her like a puppy dog begging for a treat. No, this isn't something she thinks consciously, but it is registered on a biological subconscious level. 

Instead, approach a girl like you normally would (head-on), greet her normally, then IMMEDIATELY turn to the side with your shoulder pointing to her. Do so while standing up straight and not leaning down or leaning in. 

On a subconscious level, her brain goes, "Wait a minute - he gave me his attention… and then he took it away. What's going on here?"

It's not that you stopped listening or responding, it's that you've taken your attention away with your body language. 

This causes her to WORK for it. In her subconscious mind, because she has to work harder for your attention, you take on the role of something that must be obtained, and when something has to be worked for, it becomes more valuable (at least by association). 

When someone sees something valuable they have to work in order to obtain, this want turns to desire. You're not giving her the attention she's used to, and it drives her crazy and sets you apart from other guys. 

Try it. And, click the link below to watch a short video showing other fail-proof tactics to creating deep, addictive desire within any woman. 

Attract Woman : Are you a good little beta ?

Hey it's just wondering - are you good on paper? You know, the cute, funny, sweet, smart, nice guy who always responds to texts and calls, takes girls out to dinner, and compliments them?

You may think you possess all the qualities a girl wants, but that couldn't be further from the truth - you're a tool to be used and trampled over. You're a "beta male" not an alpha male. 

In a recent article from Total Sorority Move called "The Starting Line Up of Guys on Your Hookup Roster" the "Good On Paper" option was at the bottom. 

The article stated, "He is the one who, if you're thirty and still unwed, you might hit with a 'u single?' text and then head to the altar."

The weaknesses they listed of this guy were, "He's perfect, except he isn't. You're constantly trying to convince yourself you like him, because what's not to like? The only thing missing is the only thing that actually matters - the spark."

The most revealing part of how women think of the "beta male" is when the article concludes, "You'll use him to make your fuck-boy jealous more than once."

You see, all this time "nice guys" spend doing what they think girls want, they are lying to themselves and getting trampled over. That's why all those girls who say "I want a nice guy" always sleep with the bad-boy jerk and NOT you (even though you fit the exact qualities she says she looks for). 

Want to learn what women ACTUALLY want and how to be irresistible to any woman? Click the link below to watch the video that will change your life. 

Desire Vs Attraction : Trying to attract women?

Hey here again - you know a huge problem guys have? They're always trying to attract women. 

You may ask, "But, how else can I get women if I don't attract them?"
The mistake in this process is to assume that women are attracted in the same you are attracted - based on looks. 

That's not the sexual arousal mechanism that gets girls attracted. They look at completely different things - the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you gesture, the clothes you wear, and how you navigate social situations. 

Sure, good looks may attract girls, but even a guy with amazing looks who doesn't exhibit the correct behaviors illustrated above won't get laid. Why? Because a woman's attraction is fleeting. 
Think about it, even a girl that's a bitch or stupid or annoying and looks like a 10 is still going to be attractive to you. If you had the chance, you'd still have sex with her. 

A girl, on the other hand, could see a guy who's a ten in looks, but doesn't say the right things, and she won't fuck him. She could see a guy that's a 3 in looks, but says and does all the right things, and fucks his brains out. 

It's not attraction you should be trying to create, my friends - it's desire. Desire so strong that she wants you as bad as an addict wants their drug of choice. 

This is something you can do no matter what you look like or how much money you make. To learn how, click the link below to watch a short video teaching you how to create desire within women. 

BREAKING: New Video Report Leaks Secret Female Mind-Decoding Hacks, Feminist Groups React in Outrage

Ney York City, New York - A new video circulating the Internet reveals details from a previously unreleased biological study revealing tactics any man can use to decode the female mind and create desire within any woman no matter his income or looks. 

Feminists and women's advocacy groups around the world are reacting in anger and outrage today upon the news of a video released promising to teach men around the world how to decode the female mind. 

Promising to show any man - no matter his income or looks - how to "switch on" the part of a woman's brain that creates intense, addictive desire, this new viral video [LINK] is stirring up a large amount of controversy online.

The video references previously un-released research from a study conducted by the United States' top University evolutionary biology departments. 

Although there is still no information on why this study was not previously released, it has somehow been leaked and included in the video in question. 

The study, which pulled together decades of evolutionary biology research from top universities, demonstrates how the female brain evolved to experience desire for other males. 

The video reveals the parts of the study that proves how a certain combination of male actions "decode" the female mind and make any man irresistible to any woman he wants. This "biological trigger behavior" allows a man to quite literally "hack" the female brain into experience intense, addictive desire.

"It's like the smell of bacon," Said one researcher participating in the study. "It doesn't matter if you've been a vegetarian your whole life, if you smell bacon you will become hungry and desire it. This is because millions of years of collective evolution has created a trigger in your brain informing you that calories are nearby and you need to consume them. There is nothing you can do about this."

"In the same way," the researcher continues, "this biological trigger within the female mind can be activated by certain actions on behalf of a male - and just like the smell of bacon creating a feeling of hunger within any human - so this part of the brain, when triggered, will create an irresistible desire for that man."

The video, which can be seen here click here  - reveals these three key behaviors that turn on a woman's "desire switch." Currently there are online petitions being formed on behalf of feminist groups and women's advocacy groups to collect signatures in order for the information and the video to be taken out of public view. 

Should the video be taken down? You be the judge. Click the button below to view the controversial video now. 

New Accidental Discovery Exposes How The Female Brain Can Be "Programmed" to Desire Any Male

Seattle, Washington - Years of biological study has lead one group of researchers to determine that the "desire sector" of a woman's brain can be programmed, at will, like a computer.

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but researchers confirm that the female brain can, indeed, be programmed exactly like a computer to desire any male.

The interesting thing about this discovery, besides the fact that it was completely accidental, is that once this aspect of the female brain is programmed to desire a male, it doesn't matter what that male actually looks like - tall, short, fat, skinny, muscular, or ugly.

In other words, once this "switch" in the female brain is turned on it doesn't matter if you have Brad Pitt looks with Donald Trump's money or if you're a fat construction worker living in a tiny mobile home - she will want you just as much.

The research - outlined in this video here

- shows how a combination of body language, social mechanics, and verbal cues, when applied correctly, will switch on the part of a woman's brain that makes her desire a male.

Researchers say that this desire, "Acts almost like an addictive drug, making the woman desire the male so completely, that she will do anything to be with him."

However, researches emphasize that it's not as "sci-fi" as it sounds. "We are all just biological creatures who have developed similarly over millions of years of combined evolution. Because of this we all have biological triggers - certain smells make us hungry, certain situations make us feel a particular emotion, certain substances carry a statistically higher rate of addiction."

The study goes on to state, "The human brain is a biological computer and, just like any computer, it can be programmed and manipulated. By performing the perfect combination of actions we discovered, any male can create intense desire within any female - it's just a biological trigger, it's a reality of existence."

The video, which can be found here 

- has been making its rounds on the Internet since researchers released it a couple of days ago. In that time it has become a viral phenomenon.

However, with that popularity has come a lot of backlash. Feminist groups have already begun lobbying to have the video taken down and online petitions have already accumulated hundreds of thousands of signatures to have the study - and the video - buried from public view.

It seems as though feminist groups and women in general don't like the idea that any man - using these techniques - can create desire within them instantly.

Will the video remain online? Time will tell. Until then you can view it by clicking the button below.