Minggu, 17 April 2016

BREAKING: New Video Report Leaks Secret Female Mind-Decoding Hacks, Feminist Groups React in Outrage

Ney York City, New York - A new video circulating the Internet reveals details from a previously unreleased biological study revealing tactics any man can use to decode the female mind and create desire within any woman no matter his income or looks. 

Feminists and women's advocacy groups around the world are reacting in anger and outrage today upon the news of a video released promising to teach men around the world how to decode the female mind. 

Promising to show any man - no matter his income or looks - how to "switch on" the part of a woman's brain that creates intense, addictive desire, this new viral video [LINK] is stirring up a large amount of controversy online.

The video references previously un-released research from a study conducted by the United States' top University evolutionary biology departments. 

Although there is still no information on why this study was not previously released, it has somehow been leaked and included in the video in question. 

The study, which pulled together decades of evolutionary biology research from top universities, demonstrates how the female brain evolved to experience desire for other males. 

The video reveals the parts of the study that proves how a certain combination of male actions "decode" the female mind and make any man irresistible to any woman he wants. This "biological trigger behavior" allows a man to quite literally "hack" the female brain into experience intense, addictive desire.

"It's like the smell of bacon," Said one researcher participating in the study. "It doesn't matter if you've been a vegetarian your whole life, if you smell bacon you will become hungry and desire it. This is because millions of years of collective evolution has created a trigger in your brain informing you that calories are nearby and you need to consume them. There is nothing you can do about this."

"In the same way," the researcher continues, "this biological trigger within the female mind can be activated by certain actions on behalf of a male - and just like the smell of bacon creating a feeling of hunger within any human - so this part of the brain, when triggered, will create an irresistible desire for that man."

The video, which can be seen here click here  - reveals these three key behaviors that turn on a woman's "desire switch." Currently there are online petitions being formed on behalf of feminist groups and women's advocacy groups to collect signatures in order for the information and the video to be taken out of public view. 

Should the video be taken down? You be the judge. Click the button below to view the controversial video now. 

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