Minggu, 17 April 2016

Attract Woman : Are you a good little beta ?

Hey it's just wondering - are you good on paper? You know, the cute, funny, sweet, smart, nice guy who always responds to texts and calls, takes girls out to dinner, and compliments them?

You may think you possess all the qualities a girl wants, but that couldn't be further from the truth - you're a tool to be used and trampled over. You're a "beta male" not an alpha male. 

In a recent article from Total Sorority Move called "The Starting Line Up of Guys on Your Hookup Roster" the "Good On Paper" option was at the bottom. 

The article stated, "He is the one who, if you're thirty and still unwed, you might hit with a 'u single?' text and then head to the altar."

The weaknesses they listed of this guy were, "He's perfect, except he isn't. You're constantly trying to convince yourself you like him, because what's not to like? The only thing missing is the only thing that actually matters - the spark."

The most revealing part of how women think of the "beta male" is when the article concludes, "You'll use him to make your fuck-boy jealous more than once."

You see, all this time "nice guys" spend doing what they think girls want, they are lying to themselves and getting trampled over. That's why all those girls who say "I want a nice guy" always sleep with the bad-boy jerk and NOT you (even though you fit the exact qualities she says she looks for). 

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