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Training Secrets of the Basketball Elite

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Training Secrets of the Basketball Elite

A basketball training program is a must have for any aspiring player. A training program will layout all of your training in a coordinated way. Without this layout, you are justtaking it day to day. The day to day method will never ensure that you are hitting all the training aspects you need.
A basketball training program will give you a path to follow and a historic reference to look back on. You need both of these to make sure your training is actually leading to success. If you spend two months training and aren't seeing results, you need to be able to look back at exactly what you did. Now you can make changes. Without knowing what you did, you won’t know what failed.
The other huge advantage to a basketball training program is that when your workouts are mapped out it makes it a lot harder to slack off. You can look at your week and know exactly what you are going to do. Without this structure it's too easy to make spur of the moment changes or put off a workout.
As important as having a basketball training program, is having the right training program. You can waste precious time on the wrong training program and get nowhere with it.
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There is a lot of pressure on you to select the right training program and it can seem overwhelming. But I have some guidelines for you to follow to make sure you select a great training program.

  1. WHO MADE IT? - Who put the training program together? Can they provide testimonials from players who use the program? You want a program from a trusted coach, research them, demand testimonials and see how many other players are using the program. Also, beware if the person behind the training program is using their own success as a selling point. Playing and coaching are two very different animals and just because a player found success, it doesn't mean that they know how to train you and put together a training program.That takes a coach!
  2. ARE THE DRILLS TOO SIMPLE or TOO COMPLEX? - Look at the drills that makeup the workouts. There are two things you need to look out for. The first is the workout with overly simple "rec league" drills. If you look at the drills and can't see them converting to in-game success, then it's probably too simple of a training program. On the other hand, some coaches create crazy drills just so they are original and look impressive. With these types of drills you spend all your time trying to learn the drill, rather than building your basketball skills.You want drills that will build a skill set that will actually be useful in a game.
  3. IS YOUR WHOLE TRAINING OUTLINED? - There should be more to your basketball training program than just basketball drills. To be a successful player at high levels you need to havestrength, speed, explosiveness, quick feet and stamina. If your training program doesn't address these, that means you will have to go out and get a separate training program specific for those. A great basketball training program will incorporate all those directly into the training.
  4. DOES THE TRAINING LOOK EXCITING AND FUN? - If you look at the training program and it doesn't excite you, you are setting yourself up for failure. You want to look forward to your training not dread it. So, if your workouts look boring and monotonous it will probably be struggle for you to get out and train.
  5. DOES THE PROGRAM PROGRESS WITH YOU? - If you're in a great basketball training program you should expect to see great results. So as you improve you will need your drills to progress with your skills. Make sure that the training program allows for this. You don't want to be at level "Z" doing drills from level "X".

If you follow those guidelines when selecting your training program you will end up with a great basketball training program.
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