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Score Big Like Kobe

Score Big Like Kobe 

The most important choice a serious basketball player has to make during their career is which basketball workout program to use. Choosing the wrong program can have big consequences, lost time, developing bad technique and lost motivation, just to name a few.

Basketball workout programs will vary significantly from coach to coach. There isn’t necessarily one program that is right and the rest are wrong. But there are plenty that are just flat out worthless!

I see a lot of coaches putting players on basketball workout programs that make me cringe. The sad thing is that these players are putting all their trust into these coaches and their workout programs.

I've spent a lot of time talking with top basketball players and coaches. I always pick their brains about what makes a great basketball workout program. And while all their programs vary in exactly what drills they use, they all have some major things in common. But the one thing that all these players and coaches agree on is that there are two major keys to any basketball workout drill.

Intensity. This is the number one ingredient to training for success. So many players train at 75% and expect to play at 100%. Bring intensity into your basketball workouts and make sure that the drills you use demand this intensity.

Score Big Like Kobe 

Could a NASCAR driver practice racing at 80 MPH and then expect to go race at 200 MPH? No chance, so why do so many basketball players expect that they slack in their training and dominate in a game?

Game time. Always remember what you are training for. You aren't training to be a great in-practice player. You are training to dominate come game time. So why waste time on drills that won't develop the skills you can use come game time?

Here's the perfect example. Players shooting 500+ shot reps for a shooting workout. I see this all the time, players going around the perimeter putting up shot after shot. Well, the shooting part isn’t bad, but this doesn’t replicate at all how your shots will be in games.

Every shot you take in practice (with the exception of form shots and free throws) should have a specific move leading into it. In other words, in a game what is creating the shots? Coming off a screen, your handles, pullback, etc. Every shot you take in practice should have one of these moves leading into it. If it doesn’t, you are only training to be a successful in-practice shooter.

I want to add in one last factor. That's consistency. But you could look at consistency as motivation and determination too. If you truly want to develop unbelievable skills, it takes practice. And hitting the court a couple times a week won't suffice.

A lot goes into training properly but the factors I just covered are at the top of the list. Get the right basketball workout program, train with intensity, train for the game and train consistently. Do this and you are on your way to big things!

Score Big Like Kobe

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